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5 Teambuilding Activities For Outdoors



While The Event Team offers some amazing indoor options for corporate teambuilding and teambonding activities, sprawling parks, sandy beaches and bustling streets are our preferred teambuilding venues. In the spirit of the great outdoors, we put together a list of 5 Teambuilding Activities for Outdoors. Take a look, and call us when you're ready to go outside and play!

1. You Build It Boats

Experience the excitement and pageantry as your group designs, builds and races their own boat! Boats are judged by design, presentation and speed. After teams have finished building, the boats are paraded one at a time in front of the judges. Each team will have one minute to 'sell' their boat with a creative presentation, extolling the virtues of the boat and their team. Then it's race time! The course will consist of a floating marker the boats must swiftly navigate around. All of the racing crew must remain inside the boat and the boat can only be propelled by paddling. Each team will race in a qualifying round before all boats are lined up for the finals. At the conclusion, The Event Team judges will crown the winning team!

2. Corporate Castaways (Survivor-Theme)

The television show 'Survivor' has captivated audiences for the past decade. In the show, participants are trapped in a remote location and forced to weather the elements, complete a series of mini-challenges and survive the wheeling and dealing of their fellow challengers in order to survive the progressive elimination that ultimately decides the 'Survivor.' In The Event Team version, we put your 'tribe' to the test. Your group will compete in a series of fun and challenging timed activities. Tribe members will need to communicate with each other in order to determine the best person for each of the different tasks, and to assist each other. Tribes will be scored on task completion, teamwork, communication, initiative and creativity, though the emphasis is on having fun in a challenging and safe environment.

3. Beach Olympics

The Event Team Beach Olympics program provides your guests an opportunity to reignite their enthusiasm for their company and colleagues through fun, wacky challenges, and a day of outdoor adventure. The Olympics takes place on the beach where participants can take in the fresh air while enjoying stunning views of the Pacific. Your group will be divided into 'Team Countries,' represented by a team flag and compete in a series of engaging and fun activities.

4. Adventure Rally / Scavenger Hunt / Amazing Race

Our custom rallies, hunts and races are designed to put your group to the test. Only those teams that collaborate and work together will be successful in completing all the game tasks and finding the next clue location. In addition to improving teamwork skills, this is a great way to explore your host destination. The Event Team also offers GPS options for these corporate teambuilding activities.

5. Navy Seal Relay or Bootcamp

The Event Team offers two different Navy Seal-themed programs. In the Navy Seal Relay Rally teams participate in a sequence of activities that become more challenging as the team learns and develops new skills. Teams race side-by-side to complete several culminating challenges that require all members participate in order to win. For a more challenging option, opt for the Navy Seal Bootcamp which takes place on the beach (by on the beach, we also mean in the ocean) and is instructed by active and/or veteran Navy Seals.

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