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The Craft Beer Capital of America

Hoppiness isn't far from happiness in San Diego. The craft beer experience is massive in this region, with more than 115 breweries, countless beer bars, innovative tasting rooms and a beer culture that's undeniably San Diegan. It even has a signature style? - the West Coast-Style IPA - known for its massive flavor and ridiculous amount of hops packed into one glass. Cheers to awesome beer!

Mike Hinkley

Founder of Green Flash Brewing Co.

Mike is the CEO and co-founder (with wife, Lisa) of Green Flash Brewing Co. Mike was an enthusiast of local suds (who isn’t?), before making beer a career and starting Green Flash in 2002. His West Coast IPA helped establish San Diego as the home of the super-hoppy brew style. The rest of his beers helped establish San Diego as the Craft Beer Capital of America.

Vince Marsaglia

Founder of Pizza Port Brewing Company

Vince is a local legend in the San Diego beer scene, starting Pizza Port in 1987. The pizza-and-pint joints are known for their funky beach vibe, where even their beer labels are handmade. Oh, and they're known for really, really good beer, too. Vince’s success led to two spin-offs, Port Brewing and Lost Abbey, so it’s safe to say Vince is one of the godfathers of San Diego beer.

Doug Constantiner

Founder of Societe Brewing Company

Doug is one of the new players in the San Diego beer scene that has a lot of people saying "Cheers!" He chased his dream of professional brewing to San Diego, where craft beer is a countywide passion. Doug opened Societe with co-founder Travis in 2012, and their tasting room has been filled with happy hop-heads ever since. Don't bother trying to pick up a bottle - Societe is only served on tap.

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