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The Cali-Baja Flavor Revolution

There's Something Cooking in San Diego

There has been a flavor revolution in San Diego, and it has a name: Cali-Baja. The cuisine came to life with collaboration of chefs from both sides of the border, combining Mexic's Baja-Med scene with Californi's emphasis on fresh and local ingredients. Don't be surprised if you see locally caught uni on a taco or grilled octopus on a tostada. Cali-Baja is all about blowing your taste buds away with the unexpected. Grab a fork and dig in!

Troy Johnson

Food Critic & TV Personality

Troy is an award-winning humorist, restaurant critic and TV host. The San Diego native was a successful rock journalist before switching his focus to a far more delicious path - food. He's written and starred in Food Network shows, and writes about the awesome bites of his hometown in San Diego Magazine.

Trey Foshee

Executvie Chef of Galaxy Taco

Trey is an avid surfer who has always drawn inspiration from the ocean. San Diego fell in love with Trey thanks to his culinary magic at the hugely popular George's at the Cove, and now people are flocking to his second adventure: Galaxy Taco. This is his Cali-Baja flavor-fest that's helping establish the Cali-Baja as San Diego's distinct food culture.

Javier Plascencia

Executive Chef of Bracero Cocina de Raiz

Javier grew up in both Tijuana and Mexico, and that cross-border collaboration comes through deliciously in his cooking. His signature Cali-Baja cuisine is an elevated and innovative approach that have people coming back for more. His Little Italy project, Bracero Cocina de Raiz, continues to turn heads with unexpected and mouthwatering creativity.

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